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The Houston press

Curtis Brengle and Julie Ragins don’t look like hardcore criminals. In fact, the pair – partners in both their musical and personal lives – more resemble a very hip aunt and uncle than people who would encourage committing an act that’s a crime in 47 of 50 states. Yet the clueless narrator of “The Texting Song” seems to be doing just that......

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riveting riffs magazine

Pear Duo comprised of pianist / composer and arranger Curtis Brengle and singer / songwriter and musician Julie Ragins recently released their new album No Boundaries, a wonderful and diverse collection of songs that are a mix of original tunes and cover songs. The husband and wife singing combo bring a wealth of musical experience painted across a vast gentre palette to this recording.

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The Music

After three decades touring, recording and performing with the likes of Ray Charles, The Moody Blues, Sheena Easton, American Idol, The Pointer Sisters and Sergio Mendes, the couple have crossed over to the artist side.  Their brand new album NO BOUNDARIES is a culmination of their musical experiences, rooted in a fusion of popular music and jazz, but with tastes of blues, rock, soul and americana.